The Ford Expedition is ready for summertime adventures

An unforgettable adventure is right in the palm of your hand, literally, when you take the wheel of the 2017 Ford Expedition. The 2017 Expedition is fully equipped to take you and your traveling companions on some exciting journeys this summer season, so grab your gear and get ready for some fun in the sun.


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Whether planned or unplanned, adventure comes standard with the Ford Expedition. The Expedition features a 3.5-liter engine with 365 horsepowe

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Why Should You Be Excited About Ford's Portable Wind Tunnel?

Ford engineers have devised a way to fit a fully-functional wind tunnel used for aeroacoustic testing inside of two shipping crates, which can be reassembled at any Ford factory in the country. This is a big news story if you like quiet cabins -- and science says you do.

Well, maybe not science, but surveys and market trends show that most consumers are concerned about cabin refinement just as much as they are with actual vehicle performance.


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