Does Adding One Good Thing to Another Make it Better? Let’s Find Out

Ford’s EcoBoost® engines are definitely Good Things, bringing performance and power without skimping on efficiency; pitching machines are also pretty Good Things, so Ford decided to test a hypothesis and add a 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine to a pitching machine, because one Good Thing added to another Good Thing should make a Better Thing, right? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself, is the EcoBoost®-powered Ballistic Ball Launcher better than an average pitching machine, or is it simply a weapon? Go forth, in the name of science!


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A Fusion of Performance and Versatility

If ever there were a car out there capable of accommodating the many personalities of our Sidney, Piqua, Wapakoneta, and Versailles customers, the 2017 Ford Fusion would be it. Offering up the capability to enjoy 325 horsepower, the Fusion provides a sense of sport with the opportunity to run your errands. Breaking free from monotony is something that we strive to help you with and in our new model inventory you can explore the many sides of you.

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