The New 2017 Ford Transit Connect

The new Ford Transit Connect is one part mini van, one part sport utility vehicle, and one part passenger vehicle. The new Connect is a small van-like vehicle that is more flexible than larger vans and also gets better gas mileage than its big brother the commercial van. This modern day sport utility type vehicle offers the stylishness of an SUV while simultaneously providing room for cargo and extra storage. This vehicle is also easy on the eyes! Connect could be the next soccer mom vehicle with its cool styling and sleek look. The Ford Transit Connect is reminiscent of passenger cars due to its small size and generous, multiple seating areas. Being a smaller vehicle, the Connect allows for a much smoother ride as well. As you can see, this vehicle is a wise choice for many consumers considering a new vehicle purchase. Small business owners needing an efficient and roomy vehicle to deliver products will be sure to appreciate the Connect as will those in charge of safely delivering multiple passengers. Finally, home owners will be impressed by the van/SUV flexibility the Ford Transit Connect has to offer. Test drive a 2017 Ford Transit Connect today at Buckeye Ford Lincoln in Sidney, OH.
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