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Quiet Start Gives 2018 Mustang GT Owners the Best of Both Worlds

Your car is your whole life. You are devoted to performance. You do your own oil changes, know what the difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive is, and everybody at the dragway knows your name.

Unfortunately, your passion for motorsports doesn't mean your neighbors will be understanding when it sounds like a thunderstorm is coming from your driveway at 7 a.m. when their baby is finally asleep.

Steve von Forester, Ford's user experience team lead, learned this lesson first hand when his neighbors called in a noise complaint over his Shelby GT350.

"I love the sound…

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For Ford Service, Choose the Buckeye Service Center in Sidney, OH.

"No one knows Ford better than Ford." This statement could not be more accurate. When it comes to servicing your Ford model, you want to turn to a trustworthy team. That is why our friends and neighbors from Sidney and surrounding areas will appreciate our Ohio dealership. Here at Buckeye Ford, we have a Service Center dedicated to the maintenance of Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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carwow Provides Closer Look at 2017 Ford Mustang

If you're searching for a sports car that's every bit as stylish as it is substantive, we here at Buckeye Ford LLC think you may well find your perfect fit in ours, the 2017 Mustang.

And what makes us say that?

The clip below should help spell it out.  Join carwow commentator Mat Watson, as he takes the Mustang out for a test run:

Without question the most racetrack-ready member of the Mustang…

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2017 Ford F-150 Owners Share Their Love For Their Pickups

A bond between a man and his truck is a unique, and special thing—and it would seem that Gary “The Ripper” Ripowski has really found a sweet spot ever since he picked up his 2017 Ford F-150. Coming from a V8-powered truck, he’s in love not just with his Platinum model’s capability, but with its luxurious appointments, and arsenal of work-and-play convenience features.

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2017 Ford Focus RS Thrills AutoGuide.com Team

Has the hot hatchback segment been calling your name? Well, if so, we here at Buckeye Ford LLC suggest you heed its cries -- and then turn your attention to ours, the 2017 Focus RS.

Could it be a match made in automotive heaven?

Click "play" on the clip below to figure that out; here with more on all things Focus RS is AutoGuide.com Road Test Editor Dan Ilika:

When it comes to the Focus RS, its turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine most certainly takes center stage.

Teaming with a six-speed manual transmission and a standard all-wheel-drive system, the Focus…

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Clean and Wax

If you think a car wash alone is enough-think again. You should clean your car regularly, but you should also get your car waxed to give it extra protection against the outside elements that will ruin your paint job. Wax acts as a protective barrier against everything and will keep your paint job looking nice and shiny. You should normally get your car washed every two weeks or so, but do it sooner if your car gets dirtier faster. You can also get your car washed later than two weeks if it doesn't really need a car wash that…
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Some Tips to Make College Visit Road Trips Easier

Summer is coming up and if you have teenagers then you are more than likely going to be planning at least one or two, possibly more, road trips to visit potential colleges. This is a great time for you and your kids to have a re-bonding, and for you to make a few last memories before they head off on their own life journeys. Don’t let this chance be marred by potential headaches and nightmare. Plan ahead before your road trips and you will be able to address any unexpected issues that arise with no difficulty.

One of the…
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Realistic Fuel Economy Tips

It's important for you that you save money at the fuel pump since no one likes to pay for gas every time they turn around. You can reverse this trend by paying less at the pump than you used to by following a few simple steps. You can save more money than you thought just by increasing the fuel efficiency of your car.
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2017 Ford Focus

Do you want to purchase a new car in 2017? If so, the 2017 Ford Focus is for you. This is a great vehicle that a lot of people love to drive around. Over time, this is something that you should spend a lot of time looking at. A lot of people make the mistake of not investing in a high quality vehicle. Instead, they try to save money by buying an inferior car. Although this may save money in the short term, over the long term it is not a good idea.

The 2017 Ford Focus has new technology…
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